Shirt Vile

︎ Currently in post-production

I think I was a Kurt Vile T-Shirt in my past life. 

When I’m at work and my thoughts start to drift, I often find myself googling Kurt Vile tour dates in hopes that he will stop by a city near me.  I imagine going to the concert and seeing the shirt for sale as part of his merchandise.

Faded red and really soft. Faded pink, with large letters like those city tourist post cards. Faded pink but more rose. Rose gold?

Maybe I feel this way because we have similar hair. Long, curly, always in my face. Perpetually parted down the middle, no matter how hard I fight it.

He’s got this look like he always seems to be thinking about something other than what is happening - i have problems with that too. I usually have to introduce myself to people more than once. For some reason, they don’t remember meeting me. I feel like Kurt maybe has to deal with that sometimes too. I mean - when he meets people who don’t know he’s Kurt Vile.

Did you know,one of the most common signs of a past life is a sensation of deja vu? There’s a theory that souls find a way to reunite from one lifetime to another, so someone you loved in a past life may appear in the form of someone or something you love in this lifetime.

Maybe I had a deep love that can only find me if I find the shirt.

Everyone in the world has a t-shirt. How many t-shirts are in the world? A faded t-shirt means it has been loved for a long time. Passed down, cherished by many. Put on to get groceries. Taken off to feel your skin on someone else’s...  

I think that's why we have such a hard time finding love, we are looking in the wrong places. I never thought to look in a discount bin of t-shirts - who would?